Friday, 28 Feb 2020

The Stall Keeper Fought Sickle Armed Robber with Empty Hand, His Fingers almost Broken; "I Just Remember My Child"


The victimThe victim - The story experienced by the owner of staple food is truly very heroic. Just because he remembered his son, all his fears disappear when confronted with robbers.

Despite suffering a number of severe injuries, Hadi Sunoto (45) survived against the robbers.

Horrific incident that occurred on Thursday (13 February 2020) morning.

Hadi tried his best to ward off the attack after the attack by the robbers. Hadi also suffered a number of stab wounds.

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Hadi admitted, one thing that pushed him to death to fend off the insistent attack was his young child in his hometown in Madura, East Java.

He managed to drive the sickle strokes reached his stomach.

As a result, he suffered injuries at least in four points on his body, namely one on the left shoulder, one of the fingers of the left hand, one on the back of the right hand, and one on the nostril.

The wound on his finger was quite severe because his finger almost broke off parrying the sickle swing.

"The point is I only remember one of my children. If I don't remember my child, maybe I won't oppose it already," said Hadi.



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