Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Discussing about the Industrial Revolution 4.0, STIE Persada Bunda Holds a Marketing Seminar


(Photo with the STIE Persada Bunda Marketing Seminar Committee (R24 / put))(Photo with the STIE Persada Bunda Marketing Seminar Committee (R24 / put)) -

PEKANBARU - Themed Implementation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Persada Bunda College of Economics (STIE) held a Marketing Seminar at the Prime Park Hotel Pekanbaru, on Saturday (02/15/2020).

In this seminar activity, STIE Persada Bunda presented two speakers who are experts in their fields, the first speaker is Dessy Aliandrina PhD, an Academician and the second speaker is Rudi Juliandi ST MSi who serves as the Head of Investment Section of DPMPTSP in Pekanbaru City Government.

The seminar which is attended by around 247 students of the final semester of STIE Persada Bunda is held warmly due to questions and answers between speakers and students who discuss the Industrial Revolution 4.0 based on technology.

In her explanation, Dessy Aliandrina said that in the future, a global economy based on technology cannot be avoided. New innovators will always be there and continue to grow in the current 4.0 industrial revolution. With the aim of course to facilitate human life.

"Learning in campus, completing college and getting a diploma is only a provision for us. On the other hand, which is more important in creating human resources that are able to compete in Industry 4.0, students should develop themselves outside. Because learning can not only be obtained from campus, it is not enough, "she said.

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She added, in the current era of technology-based services, Dessy appreciated the steps of the Pekanbaru City Government by establishing a Public Service Mall (MPP). Because various services are all integrated and technology-based.

"I really appreciate MPP, there are all integrated services. Starting from Academics, Business, Government, Society plus one more media, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Rudi Juliandi as a representative of the Pekanbaru City Government appealed to students and the people of Pekanbaru to change their mindset for technological advancements so as not to lag behind foreign countries.

"If we don't want to change. We will be spectators in our own country, the industrial revolution 4.0 requires us to change the mindset and mindset for progress. In this case the Pekanbaru City Government continues to improve integrating services and technology to facilitate the community, "he explained.

Meanwhile, as the organizer of the event, the Chairperson of the Management Study Program (Prodi), Desi Susanti said, with the implementation of the Marketing Seminar, the students hoped that they would not only understand, but be able to master the practice in the field.

"Because this activity is an implementation of the Marketing Seminar course. Here students not only learn in theory but can directly implement the knowledge they have learned to create creative students. Learn to communicate, collaborate with the business world, "Desi explained. (R24 / put)



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