Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Not Having Access to Health Facilities, 10 Villagers in Maluku Died Due to Diarrhea


Not Having Access to Health Facilities, 10 Villagers in Maluku Died Due to DiarrheaNot Having Access to Health Facilities, 10 Villagers in Maluku Died Due to Diarrhea - Ten villagers have died of diarrhea between January 25 and the first week of February due to lack of health facilities and unhealthy lifestyles, according to the Tanimbar Island Health Agency in Maluku.

The agency's head, Edwin Tomasoa, said the findings were based on reports from a number of community health centers (Puskesmas) in Pulau Tanimbar Regency.

The ten people came from seven villages, according to reports from four community health centers in various districts.

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Puskemas Saumlaki reported the deaths of five villagers, three in Lermatang village, one in Wesawak and one in Bomaki.

Meanwhile, Lorulun Health Center reported two deaths, namely in the villages of Atubul DA and Arui Bab. The Seira Puskesmas reported one death in Wermatang, while the Adodo Molu Puskesmas reported the deaths of two Nerkat villagers.

Edwin went on to say that the death was believed to be caused by lack of access to the Puskesmas in the district. In some cases, diarrhea may worsen the condition of villagers who already suffer other health problems, including lung disease, he added.

Another cause of diarrhea, he added, is that many residents do not have access to toilets and their open defecation habits make them vulnerable to disease.

"We are handling it. Health workers were immediately deployed to villages that did not have a health center to provide health checks to villagers, "Edwin said.

Health workers care for villagers due to diarrhea and also congenital diseases while spreading information about how to live a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle.

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"So, it's not just about maintenance. A healthy lifestyle is also needed to fight diarrhea, "Edwin said, adding that he had advised villagers to wash their hands with soap and wear masks.

Separately, Maluku Health Service secretary Adonia Rerung regretted the late response of the Tanimbar Island Health Office, saying that they should immediately report the case to the provincial office.

"I have reprimanded the [Tanimbar Island Health Agency] and told [officials] to immediately submit a report on the situation," Adonia said, adding that she had also instructed the agency to collect data on villagers still suffering from diarrhea.



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