Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Said That Avigan Effective For Covid-19, This PSI Politician was Rebuked by Doctors and Called Buzzer, Here's the Say


Raja Jui antoniRaja Jui antoni -

JAKARTA - Secretary General of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Raja Juli Antoni received a strong reprimand from an Urologist namely dr. Gunawan. Through his Twitter account, dr. Gunawan reprimanded Raja Juli for not talking about medicine, because it was not his scientific field. He even called Raja Juli as a buzzer.

The statement of Dr. Gunawan was in response to Raja Juli's statement on Twitter regarding Avigan Drug which was said to be brought by the Indonesian government to treat Covid-19 disease caused by Corona Virus.

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In his tweet, Raja Juli said that Avigan has proven effective in treating Covid-19 in China and Japan. He also said the government had allocated a budget of Rp60 trillion to bring the drug.

"The rapid test has begun, AVIGAN which has proven effective in China-Japan is being brought in, the reallocation of the 60s T budget has been carried out, especially programs for the affected poor, athletes' homes, hotels and state-owned hospitals to become Covid19 special hospitals. Bismillah #IndonesiaOptimis #BersamaLawanCorona, "Raja Juli wrote through his Twitter account as reported by idtoday.

It seems that Dr. Gunawan was disturbed by Raja July's claim that Avigan Medicine proved effective in China and Japan. He asked Raja Juli not to talk about medicine and look for other themes to discuss.

"The question of efficacy of drugs is just the buzzer, let the experts talk, look for other themes to buzzer-in," said Dr. Gunawan.

dr.Gunawan said that the statement of RajafJuly made things worse. He agreed if Avigan Medicines were tried in Indonesia, but he refused if Avigan Medicines were claimed to be effective drugs for Covid-19.

"In fact, it makes things worse, I agree that it is worth trying but it is proven to be effective, awesome, all co-drug candidates 19 are still in the clinical trial phase. ***



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