Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

Regent Inhil Review Locations for Special Hospitals to Quarantine


Regent Inhil together with the task force team reviewed the locationRegent Inhil together with the task force team reviewed the location -

Inhil-Regent of Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil), HM Wardan together with Forkopimda Inhil District elements reviewed a number of locations that will be prepared as a special Hospital for Corona Virus Disease 19 (Covid-19), Tuesday (24 March 2020).

The hospital will later be used as an isolation container for Corona Virus Patients (PDP).

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The Regent's Review as the Head of the Corona Virus Prevention Task Force Team with the Dandim 0314 / Inhil and Inhil Police Chief was also attended by all ranks of the Corona Virus Handling Task Force Team.

Several locations were reviewed, including the Islamic Center building, Office building and former Indragiri Tembilahan Hospital.

According to the Regent as the Head of the Corona Virus Prevention Task Force Team through his Spokesperson, Trio Beni Putra, said the special hospital handling or isolation of the Corona Virus was prepared as a form of anticipation against the overflow of Patients in Supervision (PDP) due to the Corona virus outbreak.

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"Preparation of this hospital facility is good for preventing a burst of patients. We do not want when the event of a booming patient, instead abandoned. We want patients to be treated intensively," said Trio, so he was usually called.

Trio explained that the selection of the location of the special hospital for Corona would be based on the extent of the building and consideration of capacity and facilities as well as sanitation.

"It means, the chosen location will not require a lot of improvement so that it can be used immediately," said Trio.


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