Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Run to This Safe And Remote Area Because of Coronavirus Will Be Evicted by Local Governments


ScotlandScotland - Not a few people who panic and fear because of the Coronavirus. There are so many things people do due to this pandemic. Starting from panic buying, social distancing, drinking nutritious drinks, to self-protection with masks and hand sanitizers.

Now there is an action to look for a safe and remote place to avoid the deadly virus, the coronavirus. However, this action actually triggered another problem.

CNN reported those who fled to remote areas experienced resistance from local residents. This situation occurs in the Highlands region, Scotland, a mountainous area, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

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The local government indeed urges residents not to accept migrants. In fact, the refusal also applies to those who live in trailer cars.

There are now reported 416 cases of Corona in Scotland. Eight of them are in the Highlands, and the region hopes there will be no additions.

The small islands in Scotland are very worried about the impact the Coronavirus will spread on its territory.

Barra Island and Vatersay Island are closing in on immigrants. Yes, they are keeping their territory free of Corona.

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Scotland's Minister of Rural Economy and Tourism, Fergus Ewing, also called on migrants to return to his home immediately. The visit must be stopped because it could endanger other residents.

While in Norway, people are also urged to stay away from their rural villas or second homes for the same reason. The problem is if someone is infected in a rural or remote place, it is difficult to treat because of limited medical equipment to food.



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