Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Defeat China and Italy; 82,404 People is Positive of Corona Virus in the US, Thousands of Elderly Prisoners Will Be Freed


IllustrationIllustration - The New York Times reports the United States has the highest number of cases of Coronavirus in the world. The data is summarized until Thursday (3/26) local time.

Reporting from AFP on Friday (27 March 2020) the total cases of Coronavirus infection in the US reached 81,321 cases. The country of 330 million has surpassed cases in China and Italy.

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United States Attorney General Bill Barr has instructed a number of federal prisons in the country to release a number of prisoners. This was done to reduce the impact of the Corona or Covid-19 virus pandemic. It is estimated that there are around 2 thousand elderly prisoners (elderly) who may be released soon.

As reported by AFP on Friday (27 March 2020), this step was taken after the High Commissioner of the United Nations (UN) for Refugees, Michelle Bachelet, encouraged countries to protect prisoners and prisoners in overcrowded prisons and in other closed facilities.

Barr said he had pushed US prisons to release eligible prisoners.

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Barr said that the instructions would focus on inmates who were not considered dangerous and who might have a congenital disease that made them particularly vulnerable to the Corona virus. "We want to ensure that our institutions (prisons) do not become the source (for the Coronavirus)," Barr said.

No details were given of the number of prisoners who would be released from US federal prisons. However, it is known that Barr's instructions apply to about 170 thousand inmates who are now detained in the US federal prison system, where dozens of cases of the Corona virus have been found among prisoners and prison guards.




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