Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Start In October , Air Express Open Flight New Route


Express Air Management  while holding a press conferenceExpress Air Management while holding a press conference - TANJUNGPINANG – Express Air Airport returns to serve route Tanjungpinang - Ranai, Natuna. The first flight will start on 5th October, from Raja Ali Haji Fisabilillah Airport (RHF) Tanjungpinang.

"Previously we have opened several routes such as from Tanjungpinang-Pekanbaru PP, Tanjungpinang-Padang PP, Tanjungpinang-Matak Anambas PP. And we will plan flight development again from Tanjungpinang-Natuna, "explained Business Development Manager Express Air Center, Fanny Andri.

He added, twice a week the airline Express Air will be routinely departed, with a plane with a capacity of 32 seats.

"The new flight is scheduled on Tuesday and Saturday, from Tanjungpinang to Natuna at 10.30 am while from Natuna to Tanjungpinang at 12:15 pm, while for ticket prices from Tanjungpinang starting from 800 thousand rupiahs, while from Natuna 800-900 thousand rupiahs," he explained.

Every three months Air Express Airlines will evaluate and develop the new Tanjung Pinang-Natuna route. If passengers on this route are busy, it will add flight schedule by opening the schedule 4 days a week. *



Reporter : Satrianov


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