A fisherman from Ireland caught a ghost lobster


A fisherman from  Ireland caught a ghost lobsterA fisherman from Ireland caught a ghost lobster - Among the various types of lobster, the type of ghost lobster is super rare. It can be found one of a hundred million of lobster.

Lobster which has white color is not genetically engineered. But it is completely original from nature. And their existence is very rare.

Recently, Charlie O'Mallry's, a fisherman from Achill Island in County Mayo Ireland caught the ghost lobster,  reported food and wine on Saturday May 6 2015. Hence this lobster is nicknamed ghost lobster or albino lobster.

But, unlike the generally white lobster albino, this lobster has a little blue and orange. This lobster is more rare than the yellow lobster type. Also with the calico lobster type which is black orange in marble pattern. Or lobster type with color split, half yellow and half brown.

Although this lobster is quite unique, this albino lobster was once caught by fishermen in Maine in 1997 William Choppersmith the fisherman also once caught a rare orange lobster in 2015.

While the lobster is classified as a large marine animals from the family Nephropidae. Including seafood is relatively expensive even though only the body part of the body that can be eaten. This animal can live up to 50 years.



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