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Who the figure discover of Indonesia name ?


Who the figure discover of Indonesia name ?Who the figure discover of Indonesia name ? - Indonesia stands as a country through a long history. Despite the 71 years of independence, there are still many mysteries and histories that have not been revealed or only known a handful of people.

The history of the Indonesian name was discovered by James Richardson Logan and George Samuel Windson Earl.

At that time Earl proposed the name of Indonesia in his writings entitled "Journal Of The Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia" volume IV in 1850.

Prior to being named of Indonesia, Earl chose the Malayunesia name because it is appropriate for the Malay race. However, Logan chose to use the name Indunesia because the name was more synonymous to Indian Island or Archipalego Indians.

Finally, the name of Indonesia was chosen to name a country flanked by the continent of Asia and the Australian continent.
However, the letter 'U' is replaced with the letter 'O' so that it becomes Indonesia.

The name Indonesia comes from the Greek, 'Indo' and 'Nesie' which means the archipelago of the Indies. Few people even know Indonesia as Nusantara. The word of archipelago comes from the ancient Javanese language, ie nusa which means island and intermediate meaning relationship. So the archipelago is a series of islands.


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