Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

Starting New Year's Eve, Club tonight will be active in Pekanbaru


IlustrationIlustration - PEKANBARU - After some time closed to redecorate, the Embassy Pekanbaru will be present in Pekanbaru city which replaced Pekanbaru score.

Embassy Pekanbaru is an entertainment facility provided by Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru for the elite and executives who want to spend time at night.

Comes with a new atmosphere which is much different from the previous atmosphere, Embassy Pekanbaru provide electro dance music fans in Riau in general.

On Saturday (30/12/2017) yesterday, soft opening was done by bringing Disc Jockey (DJ) Devina accompanied by Nikita Mirzani at 17.00 wib in lobby level Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru.

Assistant Director of Food and Drink Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru, Teguh Martoto accompanied by the General Manager of the Embassy Balikpapan, Temang said that the Embassy Pekanbaru is well designed and comfortable for the future and able to attract young executives from 21 to 35 years old.

"Embassy Pekanbaruis also very suitable for businesses, young executives, clients, students, mass media, members of the community, electro dance music community, or women with hijab," he said.

"With this new concept, we present a different and classy entertainment place for clubbing lovers in Pekanbaru," he continued.

For those who want to enjoy the excitement of the New Year's Eve, just pay FDC Rp200 thousand plus a beer, can enter and enjoy great DJand beautiful artist.


DJs who will perform on New Year's Eve are Devina, Nikita Mirzani, DJ Ririn Corn along with other talents such as DJ Orii Glow, DJ Sunday Carnival, DJ Edo Rhytem, ??James Kevin, MC Ebby Noise, MC KRD and Glossy Dance's special appearances.


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