Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

A teen killed himself while playing Russian Roulette during the Christmas holidays


Yegor RybkaYegor Rybka - A 16-year-old military cadet committed suicide while playing a Russian Roulette. The teenager is a cadet at the prestigious Suvorov military academy at Tver, 110 miles northwest of Moscow.

At that time, he was with his friend who was enjoying the Russian New Year holiday trying to play Russian Roulette.

Yegor Rybka held a pistol near his head before turning the cylinder, and pulled the trigger. He is believed to have died instantly close to people walking downtown.
His body was found on the popular Trekhsvyatskaya pedestrian street in Tver's historic center district. A pistol, which looks non-lethal, is found 3ft from its body.

His friend called the police and the ambulance but the paramedics could not save him.

The shot came from close range.

Rybka is described by friends and tutors military academy as a quiet student.

A friend said: "I knew him for four years, he was a positive and good boy, I did not know he had a gun, and I was wondering where he'd found it."

"He never told his friends about it."

Traditionally, the elite Suvorov boarding academy was attended by children of military and secret service personnel. Graduates from the military academy Suvorov always continue his career as an army in Russia.



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