Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Meet in a match, a shocking thing was happening to Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas


Alexis Sanchez and Cesc FabregasAlexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas -  Competition in between Arsenal with Chelsea did not prevent Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas to sharing their intimacy moments while drawing 2-2 on Wednesday night, January 3, 2018.

In a tense match at the Emirates Stadium, Hector Bellerin became the last lifesaver for Arsene Wenger's side.

Fabregas, a former Arsenal captain who now moves to Chealse since Juni 12 2014, remains as warmly welcomed as ever and is even greeted with applause by some Arsenal fans when he kick the starting corner.

In the first half, Chelsea midfielder's kick was brought out by Sanchez and immediately got a free kick.

And suddenly Alexis Sanchez fouled Fabregas. When Fabregas stood up, it turns Sanchez and Fabregas embraced when going to restart the game.

After the game, Sanchez wrotehis status on Instagram to remind his fans, as well as the fact that the couple remained good friends just like when they became a Barcelona player.

Fabregas also thanked to the Arsenal fans for their remarks.

"Good match at Emirates Thank you once again for the welcome speech. Thanks to the fans, you are still great as always."


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