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Political observer : Lukman Edy is more popular than Syamsuar


Political observer : Lukman Edy is more popular than SyamsuarPolitical observer : Lukman Edy is more popular than Syamsuar -  The selection of Riau Governor is getting hotter. On Friday January 4 2018, a candidate pair ie Syamsuar and Edy Natar appear to challenge the incumbent candidate, Andi Rachman and Suyatno.

Towards the time of registration the candidates to General Election Commission (KPU), several names still appear.

Such as Lukman Edy. This man is mentioned will participate in the selection of Riau Governor 2018. Moreover, Chairman of the Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB), Muhaimin Iskandar gives support for Lukman Edy to move forward in that selection.


Riau political observer, Aidil Haris said the appearance of Lukman Edy will be detrimental to Syamsuar.

"Because the figure of Lukman Edy is more popular than Syamsuar," he said.

He considered because based on the fact, Lukman Edy had twice participated in competing for the seat of the Governor of Riau. In addition, Lukman Edy has also been Minister of Acceleration of Disadvantaged Regions during the cabinet government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

Career of Lukman Edy in politics world more mature since he became a member of the House of Representatives (DPR) of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Syamsuar as a bureaucrat has been well known especially among local governments, but the popularity of Syamsuar is limited, while Lukman Edy has twice been nominated in selection of Riau Governor," he said.

Aidil also assess if Lukman Edy managed to advance in the Riau Governor Election, it will affect to the vote acquisition of Syamsuar and Edi Natar.

"To be able to compete with Lukman Edy, Syamsuar and Edi Natar should be more aggressive to promoting their program throughout Riau. So the residents in Riau will more known about them, both personally or its track record," said Aidil.

As we known, two candidate pairs in Riau Governor Election 2018 have signed up, namely Andi Rachman-Suyatno which carried by Golkar and PDIP. There is also Syamsuar-Edi Natar that carried by PAN, PKS, and Nasdem.


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