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Isuzu Indonesia is welcome about the presence of national car in Indonesia


Isuzu Indonesia is welcome about the presence of national car in IndonesiaIsuzu Indonesia is welcome about the presence of national car in Indonesia -  Vice President Director, PT Isuzu Astra Indonesia, Ernando Demily said, they parties are welcomes with presence of national car in Indonesia. Because, they think, as more and more car manufacturers in Indonesia, so, it will make more better the industry of car in Indonesia.

It was delivered by Ernando on Monday, February 5, 2018.

"This is the industry of car, if we have more players (producers), it will make more better the industry as well, we see it as positif thing."

But Ernando asked the government to makes a fair competition, especially related to the presence of the national car.

"Our request is only one to the government, the important thing is the competition must proceed fairly," he said.

"For example, we as Isuzu company has never close about the presence of Chinese products that come in such as Wuling, we do not want to hinder, because we want to compete with justly. If the competition is healthy, the industry car in Indonesia will also grow. If the industry grows, then the economy in Indonesia will also increasingly improved, "said Ernando.

Ernando also revealed Isuzu will not make a competitor vehicle like any other manufacturer.

The reason is Isuzu will only focus to makes a diesel-engined vehicles because Isuzu is the first manufacturer to makes diesel engines.

"Garuda 1 is the engine using gasoline, and we are not interested to making cars other than diesel engines, so it is certain that Isuzu will not produce cars as rival Garuda 1," he explained.

Previously, the people of Indonesia was surprised because in social media was circulating a photos of the appearance of the car with logo of Esemka Garuda 1 that has brought by a truckload.

A vehicle with type of SUV (sport utility vehicle) was caught on camera is being transported to the area Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Esemka cars are rumored will producing Garuda 1 as a national SUV product.



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