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Finally, the price of rice in Pekanbaru has decrease


Finally, the price of rice in Pekanbaru has decreaseFinally, the price of rice in Pekanbaru has decrease -  On Wednesday, February 7, 2018, the price of rice in Pekanbaru decreased. Previously, many housewives in Pekanbaru has complained about the price of branded rice had risen in price around IDR 500 to IDR 1000 per kilogram.

Department of Industry and Trade (DPP) of Pekanbaru recorded the price of rice with brand of Pandan Wangi and Ramos has decreased until IDR 500 for one kilogram.

As said by Head of DPP Pekanbaru, Ingot Ahmad through Head of Trade, Juarman.

"For the price of rice from brand Ramos and Pandan Wangi is decrease now, while other brands still survive in old price," he said.

For information, the price of premium rice of Topi Koki is around IDR 12,500 per kg, Belida is sold around IDR 12,500 per kilogram, and Mundam is sold around IDR 13,500 per kg.

Juarman said the decline of rice prices was due to a growing supply.

"Now, the stock of rice in Pekanbaru is steadily stable, so the price is decrease now," he said.

Juarman also said, not only the price of rice was decrease, but some other commodities also experienced a downward in prices.

"Chicken meat, red peppers, onions, the price is average down," he said.

However, they still tighten the supervision. This is to avoid the existence of speculators, who take advantage from the Lunar New Year to seek unilateral profit and harm many consumers.



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