Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

Enjoy the largest of ice sculpture in Harbin, China


Enjoy the largest of ice sculpture in Harbin, ChinaEnjoy the largest of ice sculpture in Harbin, China -  Harbin city in China is famous for International Ice Festival. In addition, the city now has the largest ice sculpture in the world.

The largest ice sculpture in the world named Flamenco Ice Tower. And traveler can see it in the Maple Village Outlet area, in Harbin, China.

From site of Structural Ice on Wednesday, February 7 2018, Flamenco Ice Tower was built until 31 meters, and beating the previous highest ice sculpture with high 21 meters.

The ice sculpture was created by a team of students and lecturers from Eindhoven University of Technology, Summa College in the Netherlands and Harbin Institute of Technology in China. And the preparation takes times until 2 years.

The design of that sculpture is inspired from the traditional Chinese tower and flamenco dress.

And for material is used qualified goods, such as pykrete for wood fiber. The wood fibers used can make the existing ice stronger.

Flamenco Ice Tower was inaugurated on January 10 2018. Surely this sculpture now can add the tourist destinations of travelers, who visit Harbin during winter.

After completing Flamenco Ice Tower, now the structural ice team has got another project. They are starting to make a giant ice sculpture for the Winter Olympics in China in 2022.





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