Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

A boy that trapped in claw machine has managed to rescue by US firefighters


MasonMason -  A boy named Mason from Florida have found his best way to play a game in claw machine.

The six-year-old was having dinner with his family at a restaurant on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 when he saw the machine in the play area and decided that he wanted to get a doll.

While most kids will ask their parents to play that game, but Mason finds another way to get the doll toy.

He climbed into the machine through a small door used to collect gifts.

Although he arrived at the box with colorful toys, but Mason found that himself was trapped inside the machine.

Fortunately, a fireman on duty who was also eating at the restaurant, saw that boy when trapped in the machine.

The man immediately attempted to rescue of Mason and enlist the help from his colleagues at the Titusville Fire and Emergency Service.

Together, they open a glass panel with a crowbar and release the child in just five minutes.

After the rescue, Mason must finish his food and even can leave the restaurant with four luxury items in hand. Although the event is successful with happiness, but it is recommended for parents to keep their children especially when in public places.


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