Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The jury of Britain's Got Talent has a secretly dating with a sexy model Chloe Ayling


Chloe AylingChloe Ayling -  Comedian David Walliams was secretly dating with a glamorous model, Chloe Ayling. Quoted from The Sun, jury of the Britain's Got Talent 46-year-old man is known to be good friends with the 20-year-old beautiful women in social media. He then arranged a private meeting with Ayling at his home in London, shortly before she flew to Switzerland ahead of her alleged kidnap trial in Italy last week. 
David Walliams is also known to liked a number of Ayling pictures while she wearing super-skimpy outfits, that posted on her Instagram page.

"David arranges a meeting and Ayling will also visit his home in London and he is interested about her story and it appears that she likes Ayling" a source told the newspaper.

Mr. Walliams has been a widower since his marriage to a model, Lara Stone, 34, has ending in 2015. The couple had a son Alfred, who is now four years old. While Ayling has also splitting from her boyfriend, Conor Keyes, 21, who is also the father of his two-year-old son named Ashton.


Chloe Ayling became famous after her abduction report in Milan in July last year by two Polish men became viral. She claims that she was held hostage for six days by a group calling itself Black Death after being invited to follow a fake photo shoot in Milan. She claims to have been drugged, stripped and handcuffed before being put into a suitcase in the trunk of the car.

But since then, her report has drawn criticism, because some people accusing her of inventing the events in Italy as a publicity stunt.

The two men that accused of kidnapping Ayling named Lukasz Herba, 30, and Michal Herba, 36, were arrested last week in Milan. But both have denied allegations of kidnapping and if both are found guilty they will be sentenced to prison for up to 25 years.


Previously, Michal was in England and tried to block the government's attempt to extradite him to Italy.


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