Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Suzuki present 125 cc engine motor to compete with NMax and PCX


Burgman StreetBurgman Street -  Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited launched their latest model ie Burgman Street with 125 cc engine at the Delhi Auto Show 2018.

Burgman Street is the first maxi skutik in India. The small capacity motor is different from the previous type of choice with 650 cc and 400 cc engine. This motor is presented to compete with competitors such as NMax and PCX.

Excellent features such as LED headlights and a shield thar applied to Burgman Street. Body motor is sustained by telescopic suspension in front and monoshock swingarm type on the back.

Benefits of Burgman Street big body beside has a luggage capacity of seven liters is also divided into two compartments in front. One of the compartments can be locked and has a 12V carjer socket.

With appropriate model, Burgman Street can be brought touring, because the fuel tank capacity is about 10.5 liters. The overall weight is 110 kg, disc brakes in front, and wheels of 14 inches.

Burgman Street 1 with cylinder 124 cc engine can to produces 10.7 tk and 10 Nm of torque to the wheels through CVT. But the machine is still carburetor technology. Suzuki claims the fuel efficiency reaches until 40 MPA.

From the information at the Delhi Auto Show, Burgman is predicted will compete with Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX.



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