Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Ikram Abdi Omar, the hijab-wearing model at London Fashion Week 2018


 Ikram Abdi Omar Ikram Abdi Omar -  After Halima Eden being popular due to appear in New York and Milan Fashion Week, now another model ie Ikram Abdi Omar be the spotlight. The Somali model start her first debuted at London Fashion Week 2018 some time ago.

She became one of the models Moly Godard that featuring a collection of Fall 2018. His glowing appearance at that time established himself in the line of hijab model of the world.

"The appearance of models from different races, religions, and backgrounds, gives hope to the younger generation," Omar told Vogue.

Ikram Abdi Omar is a new model. She just signed a contract with the Booking Models agency exactly two weeks before London Fashion Week. Previously, Omar has appeared in London Modest Fashion Week 2017 with Halima Aden.

For Omar, being accepted as a model for this moment makes a prove that designers and model agencies have a willingness to work together. At the age of 21, she was so eager to learn a lot to be a professional model.

"I've seen a women in two model modeling cast, I think she will also appear in fashion week too, and I'm very enthusiastic ... We're (stronger women) become stronger now," Omar told Vogue.

Ikram Abdi Omar also performed at London Modest Fashion Week 2018 which Lindsay Lohan attended. She and Lindsay were takes picture together. At the show, Omar appeared for a sports outfit from Under-Rapt.

Now, Omar already has 13 thousand followers in Instagram.

"Please, do not stop to doing what you love and dare to dream big. I always wanted to be a model in London Fashion Week, so if I can, then we can all," Omar closed.



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