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M Jamil: Mass Media Actively Participates In Regional Development


M Jamil with and editorial staffM Jamil with and editorial staff - M Jamil: Mass Media Actively Participates In Regional Development The Head of One Stop Service (DPM-PTSP) of Pekanbaru
City, Riau Province, M Jamil, MSi, said that the mass media have a
role in encouraging the government's work program and regional

"Particularly, in disseminating government policy information on
development, investment opportunities, tourism, licensing, and others
to the community," said Jamil, while receiving management visit of and at his office Jl Sudirman, Pekanbaru,
Riau, Tuesday / 2/2018).

Attending the meeting were Chief Editor of Satria Utama
Batubara, Corporate Leader Muhardi, Head of Binary Division of Amril
Jambak and Haspian Tehe and Coordinator of Liputan Siswandi and Elpi
Alkhairi. "The role of mass media is significant in helping
disseminating information to the community. continue to run well and
the mass media can be our best partner in the future, "he said.

He added that as one of the institutions in Pemko Pekanbaru which has
much to do with the community about licensing services and investment
opportunities, DPM-PTSP Pekanbaru City views that the media is one of
the partners for the best cooperation in disseminating information to
the public.

"We always maintain good relations with the mass media in this area,
the press is our partner, our friend," he said. Meanwhile, Satria
Utama Batubara said, the arrival of his party is a visit to the
relationship and establish a professional partnership.

"There are many benefits that can be taken from the relationship, in
addition to strengthening the relationship of both parties, also can
establish business relationships and partnerships later," said Satria.

It is said, thanks to the performance and workings of editorial
management, now based on Alexa Rank ranking has become the
largest online media and ranked first in Riau Province. While online
media occupy seventh position in Riau. Both online media
have also been verified by the Press Council.

"All this we achieve with hard work and apply the principle of
professional journalism work," said Satria.

His side since the beginning of this year 2018, regularly always make
visits to various large companies in Riau and local government

"We hope, with this activity can improve the relationship, which in
turn can improve the quality of cooperation and partnership so that it
can become better in the future," said Satria who is also alumni of
Riau University. ***

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