Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Kampar Regent reviewed the bridge access to Pulau Birandang island


Kampar Regent reviewed the bridge access Kampar Regent reviewed the bridge access -  Although not yet one week after the Sub-district Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang), Kampar Regent, Azis Zaenal reviewed several points of infrastructure development plans in Kampar Sub-district.

First, Azis Zaenal reviewed the construction of road access in Desa Sawah Baru which will pass to Pulau Birandang Bridge and the development of Religious Tourism Village in Koto Perambahan Village, Kampa Subdistrict, on Monday February 26 2018.

The regent and his entourage went to Desa Sawah Baru and Koto Perambahan. He asked directly to the executor of the project for the construction of existing roads in Desa Sawah Baru and Religion Tourism Village is made as possible. The first, they must made the masterplan.

"This is (masterplan) very needed, so we know all that we planned is run with very well and measurable," he said.

He also explained, the budget of road construction and Religious Tourism Village has been entered into the Regional Budget (APBD) in 2018.

Azis added that to advancing of Kampar District, Riau Province, all parties must be able to succeed the Program 3i, which one of them is to build infrastructure.

He also considers the infrastructure of development supporting tourism potential, also very need to be improved. Because this is also have a positive impact on the economic growth of Kampar regency community later.







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