Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Allegation of corruption in the Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dispora) Riau Province raise to investigation level


Sugeng RiyantaSugeng Riyanta -  High Prosecutor Office (Kejati) of Riau since the second week of January 2018 has conducted an investigation related to allegations of corruption in the Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dispora) Riau Province.

Kejati Investigator of Riau found evidences of irregularities in the budgeting process and implementation of activities in Dispora Riau in 2016.

This case has been raised by Kejati to the level of investigation.

"We have just done an investigation, from the results of the testimony that conducted by investigators, it's found strong evidences of crime on budgeting and implementation of activities in Dispora," said Assistant Special Crimes (Tipidsus) High Prosecutor Office of Riau, Sugeng Riyanta on Wednesday, February 28 2018.

According to him, the implementation of deviant activities plus evidence from Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) related to state losses, where already past 60 days also not followed up by them.

"Even in the process of investigation, we believe the potential losses of countries is big and we follow up to the stage of investigation," said Sugeng.

He said there was a maintenance activity at Dispora, which used the budget change in 2016, amounting to IDR 21 billion for sports facilities and infrastructure, related to project implementation and previous budgeting.

When asked about the suspect in this case, the former of the Head of State Prosecutor's Office of Muko-Muko said the case only rises to the level of investigation.

"We will ask about 35 witnesses, from civil servants, private employees and so on," he said.




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