Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Pamela Anderson hinted at an affair with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia


Pamela Anderson with Vladimir PutinPamela Anderson with Vladimir Putin -  American actress Pamela Anderson did not deny her relationship with Putin, the president of Russia. 

The star opened about her relationship in an interview with British journalist Pierce Morgan in the framework of the project "The Story of Life". 

She told about her relationship with many influential men. In particular, Anderson did not hesitate to reveal the details of the love affair with Julian Assange and Hugh Hefner. 

But the main intrigue of the scandalous is her affair with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Quoted from Vistanews,  Pamela confessed that she had known about Vladimir Vladimirovich for a long time,  since 2009. At that time, the actress wrote to the head of Russia, as well as to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to prohibit the importation of Canadian seals. Because Anderson believed, that Putin is one of animal lover. 

Later, the president of Russia became the initiator of the meeting. 

In 2012, Putin invited Anderson to his solemn inauguration as a special guest. In a conversation with the journalist, the star of the "Rescuers Malibu" noted that, in addition to these meetings, she had repeatedly appeared with Putin at certain events. But she deny about the issue of her relationship with the president of the Russian Federation, because it never happened.

Pier Morgan noted that the interview with Pamela Anderson became an absolute pleasure for him and helped to reveal the character of the actress from the other side. It's know, the interview will soon appear on the air.

Earlier, the "Free Press" reported that 49-year-old Anderson was bared for an advertising campaign of Coco de Mer underwear. On the page in the photoblog Anderson laid out a few photos in lacy transparent underwear, and shown her shape of body that very seductive. 


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