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The reason why people use red carpet for every award events


IllustrationIllustration - When someone is talking about red carpet, we will always think of an award event. Not only in Indonesia, but other international award events such as Oscar, Grammy, and Academy Award use red carpet. What is the connection between red carpet and award event?

In October 1922, there was a world premier of “Robin Hood” film in Egyptian Theater. The owner of the theater, Sid Grauman, wanted to have a different reception.

He then decided to put red carpet on the ground. The red carpet was used as a way for the actors to walk. This was a very special event, because this was the very first movie premier and it used red carpet for the first time.

The movie premiers that came after that event started to use red carpet as well. In 1961, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also started to adopt the use of red carpet.

In the same year, the Oscar Award also started using red carpet for the guests to walk on into the auditorium. Since then, red carpet had been connected to award event.

The real question is why did Grauman choose the red color? The reason was because since ancient Greek, the color red had always been identical to reverence. In a drama titled “Agamemnon” by Aeschylus, there was a scene of the King’s wife welcoming her husband from war using red carpet.

Ever since then, the red carpet had always been deemed as a sign of respect and honor. In 15th century, the Aztecs and Mayan had also considered red as a sacred color.

Red carpet was the symbol of dignity and prosperity. It was also considered a prized possession during that era, equal to a luxurious car in the modern world.



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