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The story of six-year-old boy born without eyes subjected to cruel taunts from strangers


Christian BuchananChristian Buchanan - A six-year-old, born without eyes is one of only 60 rare cases in the world and is subjected to ruthless taunts from foreigners.

Christian Buchanan, from Woodbury, Tennessee, suffers from Tessier's face wound with microfalmemia.

Since being born with a large crack in his face, Christian was put in a feeding tube since he was four days old and has endured seven reconstruction operations.

Despite the circumstances that makes her child could not see, her mother, Lacey insisted that the disorder did not stop Christian to living with different life.

He said: "Christian is a very typical boy, he learns to read, he likes to wrestle with his younger brother - all the things that a six-year-old will enjoy."

Although he is now able to learn to play the violin and succeed in getting the most out of learning the violin, he still experiences cruel comments from strangers.

Lacey said, "I was not aware after Christian was born, he would feel a big social stigma about differences and most people do not know how to handle someone with that kind of difference."

Speaking of her child's disorder, Lacey told to Barcroft TV: "Christian's condition is called as Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate, he has three, four and five classifications that include microfalmemia, which is caused by amniotic shock syndrome."

Lacey, who wants to raise other people's awareness of disability, said: 'I want to share stories about my family to raise awareness of disabilities in general and especially the differences in faces.'



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