Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

The owner of Matahari Department Store found dead


Hari DarmawanHari Darmawan - The founder and owner of Matahari Department Store, Hari Darmawan (78), was found dead at Ciliwung River on Saturday morning.

Bogor police department investigated the crime scene immediately during the day.

“From our investigation, we found that the river current here is quite strong, because of the meeting of some tributaries around here, and last night, the current was quite strong,” said the head of Bogor police, Commissioner AM Dicky when they investigate Hari Darmawan’s villa in Hankam Street, Cilember, on Saturday.

Dicky said that the result of visum et repertum revealed that there are injuries along Hari’s body.

“There are injuries along his body, bruises, and then there is injury on the head and his eye is blue, after being hit by rock in the river, due to the strong current,” Dicky added.

The police still could not take any implication from the investigation.

“We have to investigate further, including reconstruct the crime scene, and basing it one visum result, we will decide where this is a criminal act or not,” said Dicky.


The family of the owner of Matahari Department Store, Hari Darmawan, who was found dead at Ciliwung River, Leuwimalang Village, Cisarua Sub-district, Bogor District, refused autopsy.

“The police proposed an autopsy, but the family refused because this incident was purely an accident,” said Marketing and Creative Manager of Matahari Park, Ilham Fadrjiansyah, on Saturday, March 10 2018.

About the injuries found along Hari’s body, Ilham, who was also asked to be the family’s spokesman said, that they believed it was caused by the rocks in the river.

“There really is no negative thought. Because the injuries are normal, after being hit by many rocks in Ciliwung River. Besides that, nothing is amiss, and there are no other injuries,” Ilham asserted.

When asked about it, the head of Bogor police department, AM Dicky said that he left the autopsy matters to the investigation team.

“The decision for autopsy or visum is on the investigation team,” Dicky stated.

As mentioned before, the founder and owner of Matahari Department Store, Hari Darmawan was found dead by joint Search and Rescue team at Ciliwung River.

Before he died, Hari visited his villa in Jogjogan Village, Cisarua. His staff left for a while to get some drink but when he came back, Hari was no longer there.




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