Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Tahera Rahman, the first American news reporter who wears veil


Tahera RhamanTahera Rhaman -  Tahera Rhaman will always be remembered on Thursday, March 8 2018, because she was the first US news reporter who wears veil on TV.

Rahman is a journalist for WHBF, a television station which covers all the incidents that happen in Illinois and Iowa, US. She makes a new history for being the first in American television who appears wearing veil on screen, as cited from Euronews.

Rahman lives in Davenport, Iowa, and worked in the TV station for two years as a producer, but she always dreamed of appearing on screen.

“I know I will be ready to do it in front of the camera,” she said to TODAY Style.

After her first appearance, there were a lot of messages of encouragement from both Muslim and non-Muslim, complementing her actions. People thought, Rahman as a woman who helps in empowering other women and girls.

Unfortunately, Rahman also received hate and threatening messages, but it does not stop her for keep wearing veil on TV. She hopes, she can change American people’s perspective by doing it.



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