Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

A beautiful student from India decided to hangs self in front of her parents


IllustrationIllustration -  A little girl, who is still sitting in class VII chose to commit suicide by hanging herself after her parents were beaten by a 17-year-old boy and his father, who also lived in the neighborhood.

It is alleged that the boy has been accused of harassing that girl.

The deceased, identified as Khushi Suhane, a resident of Burn Company Quarters, was forcibly handed a mobile phone by a young man that accused of sexually harassing her on Saturday, March 10 2018 while she was returning from a coaching class around 7 pm, local time.

Upon arriving at home, the girl informed her mother about it. Her mother asked not to worry and said when her father returned home from work, they would go to the boy's house and talk to his parents.

Then, the girl went to the nearest temple and upon return, she saw the young man named Bablu Kacchi standing outside her house.

Her father Rajeev Suhane also arrived home at the same time and her mother named Anju Suhane told him about the incident. Both Rajeev and Anju try to talking to the defendant and convince him to not to harass their daughter.

Soon, the father of Kacchi also got there and the young man and his father beat up the parents of the girl and make Rajeev and Anju struggling for release. Seeing this incident, that girl went inside her house and hanged using her dupatta. Anju claims to accuse the youth of being an alcoholic and not a minor.

Rajeev and Anju ask for help from the neighbors and they open the door and find the girl hanged. She was rushed to a hospital where the doctor declared that she had died.

"We lost our daughter because of the abuse of the neighbor child, the boy is not a child, but an adult and an alcoholic. The young man and his family members threw stones at us, and we took our daughter to the hospital, "said Anju Suhane as quoted by the Times of India on Monday, March 12, 2018.

Assistant police sub-inspector, Alp Naryan Mishra, who is investigating the case said, "The case of arrest has been registered with the father and son."

This is the second incident reported from Jabalpur in two weeks.

Previously, being unable to bear the shame after his father's video was forced to kneel in public into viral, a girl tried to commit suicide at her home after college, fortunately her life could be saved.



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