Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

The United Nation accused Facebook of spreading hates for Rohingya in Myanmar


Rohingya refugees Rohingya refugees -  The United Nation investigators accused Facebook for spreading the hates for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, calling the social media agency a “beast”.

About 700.000 Rohingya people had fled from Myanmar, after the military crackdown done by the government in Rakhine state to fight against “insurgents”.
They were shot, burned alive, and raped by the soldiers, even the elderly, the disabled and the children.

UN and many other human rights organization had accused Myanmar of carrying out genocide on the Rohingya people. The government of Myanmar said that UN had to provide “clear evidence” to support the allegation of crimes againt Rohingya.

The leader of UN’s Fact-finding Mission on Myanmar, Marzuki Darusman, said that they found that social media had a role in spreading acrimony around the public against Rohingya Muslims, through Hate Speech. The social media agency that is used often in Myanmar is Facebook.

Yanghee Lee, Special Reporter on Myanmar human rights situation added that there were many ultra-nationalist Buddhists in Myanmar who used Facebook and elicited violence and hatred for Rohingya minority in Myanmar. “I’m afraid that Facebook has now turned into a beast,” she said.

Facebook denied the accusation, saying that they took the problem of hate speech on their platform very seriously. They still tried to tackle the problem by doing research. For example, their new policy regarding the word “kalar” used in Facebook as a slur against Muslim.

They decided to remove it and considered it as a hate speech. Facebook claimed that they had difficulties in implementing the new policy correctly because they had to understand the context first.



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