Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

A male civil servant in Indonesia can apply leave for one month


A male civil servants in Indonesia A male civil servants in Indonesia - Now, a male civil servants can apply their leave for one month to accompany their wife during childbirth.

However, the policy was criticized by NGO Forum Indonesia for Budget Transparency (FITRA) because leave for one month is too long.

"This policy needs to be reviewed, because take a leave for one month is too long," said FITRA researcher, Apung Widadi when contacted by AFP on Wednesday, March 14 2018.

He makes an example for a male civil servant who have four children. In other words, he could take four months for leave from his work.

"The policy for a male civil servants has the potential to losses budget of goverment," said Apung. However, Apung still supports the right to leave until three months for female civil servants who gave birth due to health and humanitarian conditions.

As we known, one month leave for male civil servants is regulated in the Regulation of the State Personnel Board (BKN) Number 24 of 2017.

Head of Public Relations Bureau of BKN, Mohammad Ridwan said the civil servant who accompanied their pregnant wife did not cut their annual leave.




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