Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

A Russian party used nude models for presidential campaign


Yulia DyatlovaYulia Dyatlova -  Various ways done to makes people would to participated in the general election. One of them, using a model for advertising.

However, the advertisement was not unusual has makes by a regional head wife in Russia, Yulia Dyatlova. Dyalova is the wife of Aleksandr Dyatlov, a representative from the United Russia in the local assembly of Arkhangelsk.

Reported from Russia Today on Tuesday March 13 2018, she took a photograph with model that carrying banners reading "We will go to the election!" in Russia language.

Interestingly from the photo campaign is the models was naked. In the banner says "We'll meet you at the polls!" in Russian.

This campaign photo had uploaded by Dyatlova on her social media account. To note

Dyatlova said the nude model photo was to underline the bond between amateur models.

In her testimony, Dyatlova explained that her husband is not jealous or embarrassed by the action. This photograph is the latest series of provocative campaigns to makes people would to vote in the general election, even though Vladimir Putin still became favorite of Russia's residents.



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