Saturday, 25 May 2019

Terrible, hundreds of milled worms has found in two sardine cans in Selat Panjang


Rita AstriaRita Astria - Related to the worms that found in sardine cans, a team that consisting of the Department of Industry and Trade of Small and Medium Enterprises, Department and the Central Food and Drug Supervision (BBPOM) Pekanbaru, going to Selat Panjang, Meranti Islands to conduct an examination and research.

Rita Astria, as inspection section of BPOM Pekanbaru, told to, during the inspection of sardine circulation cans that are suspected of containing worms, in a number of stores in Selat Panjang on Tuesday March 20th 2018, said, "From two samples that had been tested, we found the worms, but this is not a tapeworms, but only milled worms. "

"For next step. we are still waiting for instructions from BBPOM center," said Rita.

Rita explained that milled worms are different, if milled worms are parasitic and cause of many disease.

About the discovery of milled worms in sardine cans, the Department of Industry, the Department of Industry and Trade of Small and Medium Enterprises of Meranti islands appeals to the public to be more careful when buy sardines, especially in the form of cans.

"Sardine cans that we found had contained of milled worms are sardine from Famerjack and Hoki (the name of brands), so people must be careful when buying sardine cans," said Hariadi, the Section Chief Domestic and Foreign Trade of Meranti islands.


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