Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

President Bush told Iraqis that the day of their liberation is near


President Bush President Bush -  Fifteen years ago, Iraq was plunged into chaos, when the US administration under George W. Bush began one of the most destructive incursions in modern history. Declaring in his infamous speech about the beginning of the "Operation of Iraqi Freedom."

President Bush told the Iraqis that "the day of their liberation is near." But instead of becoming a bastion for democracy and human rights in the region, Iraq was destroyed as a result of this military intervention, and millions of Iraqis were subjected to horrors that only some other people on this planet could experience or imagine.

The country was devastated by the war and turned into an almost contiguous zone of conflict from north to south and from east to west, as rival combat groups, foreign powers and political parties vied for power at the expense of the Iraqi people.

Far from touching only the Iraqis - which is already terrible enough - the invasion of Iraq had global consequences. The US failed to export democracy to Iraq as a complete failure, which allowed the importation of extremist ideologies into the country.

This can be seen from the multitude of bloodthirsty organizations that today roam about Iraq, from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (also known as IGIL), to dozens of militia loyal to the IRGC Corps of the Revolutionary Guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The consequences of the invasion of Iraq led to the disintegration in the region that also embraced Europe with the refugee crisis, and also revived extreme right-wing and isolationist tendencies in the West.



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