Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

The American media are indignant over the plan meeting of Trump and Putin


Trump with PutinTrump with Putin -  The confirmation by the White House of the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to a meeting with US President Donald Trump, has excited the American media. 

Some publications have criticized for Vladimir Putin for pressure on the White House, while others have criticized Trump as a weakness for his Russian counterpart.

The New York Times wrote after a diplomatic confrontation with the West last week, Russia went further and urged to President Trump to meet with President Putin at the White House. 

According to the publication, such a meeting will show that the spiteful reaction of Western countries to poisoning a former Russian spy in the UK did not isolate Russia from the international community.

At the same time, The Washington Post reported that President Trump, having offered Putin a meeting at the White House, confirmed the picture of the American president that was already being created in the US media as "grovel to the foreign leader".

On Monday, April 2 2018, White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders confirmed the discussion of the meeting in the near future between the US and Russian presidents during a telephone conversation on March 20. The White House was named one of the possible meeting point.

"As the president himself (Trump) confirmed on March 20, a few hours after the phone call with President Putin, they discussed the bilateral meeting" in the not so distant future "and a number of possible places, including the White House." 

"At the moment, we have nothing to add," said Sanders.

Assistant of Russian President, Yuri Ushakov said that Trump suggested that Putin held a bilateral meeting in Washington.

"If everything work with very well, I hope that the Americans will not give up their proposal to discuss the possibility of holding a summit,"- Ushakov added.

At the same time, he stressed that the summit is possible only in the second half of the year.


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