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Here are three types of killer plants that grow in Indonesia


Datura MetelDatura Metel -  In 399 BC, Socrates was forced to drink a hemlock plant (Conium macalatum) by Athenian court. And the toxins work very well, made Socrates has vomiting, abdominal pain, bewilderment, muscles paralyzed, raved and eventually suffocate.

Apparently, in Indonesia also has some species of plants that can kill. Here are some types of toxic plants that grow in Indonesia:


1. Ricinus communis
The plant of Ricinus communis is widely used for traditional medicine, but it turns out that two seeds are capable of killing a human because its contain of Ricin poison.

Ricin is a compound that produced from the processing of jatropha seeds. These compounds can killed a human, because its cause of impaired circulatory and respiratory systems.

This compound is able to clot of blood in the body. When the ricin enters the body, a ricin molecule will kill for one cell. And if the compound is inhaled, injected or swallowed,  within 36-48 hours will kill a human.

2. Cassava
Cassava or sweet potatoes contain toxins, but the levels are depending on the variety. Toxins in cassava, usually concentrated in the leaves and are known as cyanogenic glycoside compounds; linamarin and lotaustralin which the enzyme can produce cyanide acid.

Cyanide poison will be reduced when heated. Many victims of poisoning occured because the wrong way in processing of cassava. 


3. Amethyst
Amethyst in Indonesia is a type of Datura Metel. Amethyst was contains of several chemical compounds that cure the healing. This content makes amethyst can be used as a traditional medicine for various diseases such as asthma, rheumatism, back pain,  ulcers or eczema, toothache, dandruff, to menstrual pain. 

However, amethyst also contains of toxic substances in the form of alkaloids that have hallucinogenic effects, especially on the seeds. In some cases found the used of amethyst seed to commit suicide.



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