Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Tips to recognize fake news, Press Council together with related parties do socialization on Facebook



When opening social media up, sometimes we will see writing about the explanation of false news. It is in cooperation with the Press Council with


Description written is about information about tips and tricks to stop the spreading the fake news on Facebook.


The content is written down, so is the effort to limit its spread. These are the few informations to know and stop the spreading of fake news


1 Do not immediately believe the title. Fake news often has an interesting title written in capital letters and with exclamation marks. If the title seems to be surprising and unreliable, then it probably is.


2 Note the news URL address. A fake or created URL address similar to the original can be a warning that the news is fake. Many fake news sites pretend to be authentic news sites with little change of URL address. You can go to the site to compare its URL address with a trusted source.


3 Investigate the source. Make sure the news is written by a source that you believe has a reputation of good accuracy. If the news comes from an unknown organization, read the "About" section of their site to learn more.


4 Observe if any unusual formats. Many fake news sites have misspellings or awkward layouts. Read carefully to see these signs.


5 Check the picture. Fake news news often contains manipulated images or videos. Sometimes the photo is authentic, but the context is different. You can browse through the photo or image to find out where it came from.


6 Check the date. Fake news news may contain an unreasonable chronology. or the date of the changed event.


7 Check the proof. Check the author's source to confirm its accuracy. Lack of evidence or reliance on unnamed experts can indicate it is a fake news.


8 See more reports. If no other news source reports the same story, it may indicate that the news is fake. If the news is reported by some sources you trust, then it is likely that the news is true


9 Is the news just a joke? Sometimes fake news are difficult to distinguish from humor. Check whether the source is a regular parody, and whether the details of the story and tone indicate that the news is just a joke.


10. Some news is deliberately falsified. Think critically about the news you read, and only share the news that you know can be trusted.


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