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Here are the three officials in Indonesia that got karma for their bad habit


 Anas Maamun Anas Maamun -  Being a Governor or a Vice Major, it means they must have a good personality for the responsibility to be an example for the people that they leads.

But not for three officials from Indonesia. Instead to incised their achievement, but they did shameful things.

Here are three officials from Indonesia who got of karma for their actions during became a Governor.

1. Zumi Zola
Now, Zumi Zola is stumbling of corruption case in Jambi. And the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) not deny about that and Zumi has set as a suspect of bribery cases approval of the draft Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD).

But, before becoming the governor of Jambi, Zumi often stuck on tilted news about woman problem.  Zumi Zola always made many women felt hurt, such as  Ayu Dewi, Cassandra Massardi and Peny Farnita Saputri.

Therefore, the status of Zumi Zola that being a suspect for corruption case, was mentioned by many people as a karma that must he received.



2. Anas Maamun
Seven months after appointed as a Governor of Riau on February 19, 2014, Annas Maamun already reaping many various negative spotlight.

Especially when he began to pointed his family to occupy important positions in Riau Province. Of course, his act has raised question and makes Annas has chased by many journalists in Riau.

During a visit to the Riau Electoral Commission (KPU)  on April 17, 2014, or two months after being inaugurated as Governor, the journalists asked him about the controversial appointment (made his family to occupy important positions).

The journalists' question is natural,  because a day before the meeting at the KPU, many of Annas's relatives were given important posts.

Instead to clarifying, Annas has cursed and said harsh words to the journalists. Now, Anas has been arrested by the KPK over many corruption cases in Riau Province.


3. Pasha 'Ungu'
The vice mayor of Palu, Central Sulawesi, Sigit Purnomo Said aka Pasha Ungu always being a spotlight. 

During become the vice mayor, Pasha was often being the subject of conversation because of his behavior. 

One of them is angry during the ceremony.

This happened when Pasha leads a ceremony in the scope of Palu City Government on Thursday, February 18, 2016. This is the inaugural experience of Pasha as the builder of the ceremony.

In addition, because Pasha chose to be an official in Palu, Ungu Band was vacum in the music industry, this is because that band was never released a single album for years.




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