Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

first class trains ready to operate before Eid Al- Fitr


IlustrationIlustration - Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, First Class Trains with the passenger chairs which can be lied down to become bed, this time is being produced by PT INKA.

GM Corporate Secretary PT INKA, I Ketut Astika said that the train was targetted to be completed in a near future, so it can be operating before Eid. 

This time, he explained, INKA is still waiting for the chairs which is  called the sleeper

“It had just in order, we are waiting for  its main components, hopping that it will arive before  Eid.” He said, Friday, April 13th 2018

He stated that the building of  the train, has actually completed, they just only waiting for  the sleepers.

 Previously, Director of Indonesia Train, Edi Sukmoro said that the train class was for bussiness and executive, thence tarriff that  has been set over IDR 900.000 for one trip

“So, we will test this  sleepers, we hopped it arrives before Eid. This is like first class  in the plane.  We hopped this Eid, it can be operated by INKA” he said. 

Edi said that four trains locomotive were produced with 17-18 chairs each.


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