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Bloody waterfall and ice fish, these are seven secrets that stored at South Pole


Bloody waterfall in the South PoleBloody waterfall in the South Pole -  South Pole is the coldest place on earth where the ice never melts. There is very little plants and animals there. It is a dangerous place to live in. 

South Pole has some facts that not many people know. As cited from, those facts are:

1.       Found in 1820

South Pole or Antarctica was found by a Russian man in 1820. Until 1911, no one ever visited Antarctica, though later, Roald Amundsen from Norway did come to that area.

2.       A place to find meteorite

Antarctica is the best place to find meteorite. The black color of the meteorite stands out among the white landscape. It is usually found buried under the ice.

3.       Bloody waterfall

There is a waterfall in Antarctica whose water looks like blood because of its red color. The color is red because the water contains iron.

4.       The only animal is penguin

In Antarctica, you will not see many animals. You will only see penguin, and not all kinds of penguin live there. Most of them live in South Africa.

5.       Eternal ice

Unlike North Pole, the ice in the South Pole never melts. The normal temperature after dark is -45C.

6.       Ice fish

There is a very strange fish that lives in Antarctica. People call it ice fish.

7.       Many claims

Some countries like New Zealand, French, Norway, Argentina and Australia claimed Antarctica to be part of their territory. At least there are 53 countries that had claim toward the South Pole, with South Africa being the only country from Africa that claimed the area as well.


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