Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Justin Bieber punched a man in Coachella 2018


Justin BieberJustin Bieber - The famous singer Justin Bieber became hot topic once again. It was reported that he punched a man and threw him to the wall to save a young woman, in annual music festival, Coachella 2018.

As reported by TMZ, it all started when Bieber saw the man strangling a woman. Seeing the man hurting the woman, Bieber, who was with his friends at that time, punched the man to give the woman a chance to free herself.

According to the sources who were present at the scene, the man seemed to be not 100 percent sober. It looked like he was under the influence of drugs. The man suddenly grabbed the woman’s neck and refused to let go, until Bieber punched him.

After saving the woman, Justin Bieber left the scene in Coachella with his SUV car. But the man he punched kept screaming his name and hitting his car several times in anger. The anonymous man was then arrested by the police for causing a disturbance


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