Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Five things that indicate whether you are born as a genius or not


IllustrationIllustration -  Being intelligent is the dream of every people. And to get science, many people try to add many information from book or come in many colloquiums.

But there are some ways that can indicate you may be smarter than you think. Let’s find out how you can check the level of your intelligence.

1. The oldest siblings are the smartest ones
Norwegian scientists proved a fact that the oldest siblings are the smartest ones. In the research that involving about  250 volunteers, it turned out that the firstborn had an average score 103 in IQ test, the second child had 100 and the third child had 99.  So, the oldest siblings are the smartest ones. This seems to be true.


2. Music lessons
Scientists have proved that music helps to develop children’s brain in various areas. According to the research conducted in 2011, that children, aged 6 who were playing keyboard for 9 months, have a bigger succeed at IQ tests than children who had no such extracurricular classes or taking part in another activities such as drama. 


3. When did you learn to read?
This is another indicator of being a clever person. British scientists have conducted a research which involves nearly 2000 pairs of identical twins. It turned out that those who learned to read early in their lives, much earlier than their siblings, got achieved better results in tests.

Because the scientists claim that reading at the very early age improves both verbal and nonverbal intelligence.  


4. You are left-handed
A research discovered a connection between the left-handed and a boost of creativity and ability to come up with innovative ideas. 

It is generally visible that left-handed have multitasking and search for incredible solutions with better results than those who use their right hands for writing or eating. 

5. You are funny
The scientists said a funny person have concerning verbal and nonverbal intelligence. Because, when they gives a joke, they must thinking to make another people feel funny, like they felt too.





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