Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Mahfud MD confirmed the statement of Amien Rais, all parties have the elements of evil, including party of Allah


Amien Rais and Mahfud MDAmien Rais and Mahfud MD - Since Amien Rais gave a statement about the separation between the party of Shaitan and the party of Allah few days ago, until now, comments on this issue still continue to burst. The issue of the dichotomy of the party of Shaitan and the party of Allah is indeed quite sensitive and has the potential to cause separation.

Although all the criticisms and comments, the comment from former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD sounded to be the clearest and most sensible comment. According to Mahfud, all political parties in Indonesia have advantages and disadvantages. No matter how good the party is, it must have gone wrong in some point.

"Take an example from the existing party, which is always doing good, there are elements of the devil, for example PKS, PAN, Gerindra moreover, it's have corruptor imprisoned from their party now. We've still memorized the names of them, it's a evil element too, Other parties also have good people as well, but also have corruptors as well"said Mahfud, which he mentioned in his twitter account.

"Amien says who is the party of Allah or the party of evil, and which one is the party of Allah, which one the party of evils, if the party of the evil is a party which always doing bad. Is in the theological concept, the evil always do bad, if Allah always do good" said Mahfud again.

"Now we are just a human party, the human party has a conscience to encourage the good, that if there are temptations along the journey, then it should be resisted" he continued.

Mahfud concludes that the mention of the Party of evil and the Party of God is not appropriate at all. Because, the most terrible is, the mentioned of Allah's Party and Evil’s Partybecause of the 2019 Presidential Election, Allah's Party coalition was defeated by a coalition of the Party of Evil. That defeat can be the worst blasphemy. It is no longer a mockery of Quran verses, and no longer a blasphemy to us, but a blasphemy of Allah.

Moreover, in some areas, not a few "Democratic Party" in coalition with "Party of Allah" to carry certain candidates. It doesnt sound right, why God has coalition with Shaitan.


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