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Test area in IIMS 2018 most visited because there are two wheels and four wheels


InternetInternet - Jakarta - The event of Indonesia International Motor Show 2018 has been visited by more than 300 thousand people. This Iven runs from 19-29 April 2018. Visitors who come have their own goals. One is to try new cars and motorcycles before buying them.

In the event IIMS 2018 also provided an area for test drive and test ride. In this ares is the most visited by people. Various options and models of two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels are presented in this area.

One that attracts visitors is for the classic Royal Enfield motorcycle unit. This motorcycle brand is the same as that used by President Joko Widodo. Types of interest are 350 and 500. This classic-style motor became an idol because it was an opportunity to try it.

In addition to the classic motor, which became the data of visitor attraction is Honda PCX. Skutik Premium has an elegant design with a comfortable riding position. Scooter enthusiasts were curious to try it in the test ride area IIMS 2018. Honda parties also set up enough units of Honda PCX to try.

As for the four wheels, a favorite visitor for the trial is DFSK Glory 580. In addition there is also All New Suzuki Ertiga introduced at the opening of IIMS 2018 also become one of the favorite cars in the test drive area.

For the MPV class, which is not less left to be tested is Mitsubishi Xpander. In addition to the test drive area that provides, MPV is being sold well is also available on the Sky Bridge area. The area included in the Wheel of Giant is able to show the ability of Xpander in completing uphill streets with 31 degrees and 16 meters in length. Passengers raced adrenaline above the height of 6 meters with a radius of 12 meters round.




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