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Hijab on behalf of political interests is strictly prohibited by MUI


Secretary of MUI Commision, Asrorun Ni'am SholehSecretary of MUI Commision, Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh - One of the highlights ahead of gubernatorial and presidential election is the use of attributes which contained religious elements. Related to this, the Indonesian Scholars Council (MUI) prohibits the politicization of religion that is done only for the sake of the election.

Secretary of the MUI Commission, Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh, on Saturday, April 28th 2018, said, "MUI strictly prohibits the politicization of religion, for example, ahead of gubernatorial and presidential election, suddenly people using hijab, just for momentary interest, to fool people on the behalf of  religion"

"That's the politicization of religion, one of them, is using religious uniforms simply just for seeking the sympathy of religious communities, only for the sake of political interest" he continued.

For political themes, it says there is no prohibition in religious life and is already recommended in Islam.

"One example is in a study which explained how the responsibility of Muslims in taking care of the state of NKRI .. About the responsibility of Muslims to participate in the country’s election. About Muslims to choose the honest leaders, who are competent and trust is part of the religion" he explained

"Islam has rules related to politics, and in religious life Islam does not separate religion and politics, and this is what we discussed ahead of the elections" he said of the current political issue.

Mentioned Asrorun Ni'am that religion must be a guiding rule in the life of politics, in the life of nation. Included in it are political activities. "In the name of religion for practical political interests, this must be corrected. "Religion should not be justified to achieve momentary political objectives" he said.

Furthermore, Asrorun Ni'am mentioned about the campaign inside the mosque. "Not only it is prohibited, but Islam has rules about political issues, how to choose the leader is part of the political and Islamic instruments. If in the mosque explained how to choose a good leader, it is not only recommended but it is part of the religious teachings" he explained.

"But not in practical politics, there are state rules, there are rules that must be taken care of." Campaign should not be in certain places one of them in place of worship" he explained again.


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