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This is the reason for the tradition of foot binding in Tiongkok


This is the reason for the tradition of foot binding in TiongkokThis is the reason for the tradition of foot binding in Tiongkok - In Tiongkok, there is the assumption that women who have tiny legs will very liked by men. Therefore, the mothers at old times, tie the legs of her daughters by force, althought this tradition was very painful.

They believed, by tying the feet will holding back the rate of growth the pelvic muscles because the women had to walk on tiptoe. It causes the vaginal muscles become more narrow, and will give more satisfaction of the men.

This is revealed by a book "Bound feet, Young hands" which one of the authors is Lauren Bossen.

But Bossen also claimed, the tradition of baiting the women's legs continues to survive due to economic factors.

Because with leg binding is a very painful process that limits the mobility of women. So with that way, can make their daughter can not go to anywhere.

It will give benefit for they parent, because the children are told to help the work with making yarn, cloth, nets, mats, and shoes.

This fact was revealed after Bossen and his friend Hill Gates, who are professors of anthropology at their respective universities, interviewed about 1,800 elderly women scattered across the Chinese countryside to dig deeper into this famous and creepy tradition.

The author of this book relates the age of women when his feet began dibonsai with his work.

"Mother tied my legs when I was about 10," said one woman interviewed.

The binding of the legs began to decline at the beginning of the 20th century. Now this creepy tradition leaves only sad and scarred stories of those who have to live with this tradition.


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