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Spanish police seized almost nine tons of cocaine


Spanish police seized almost nine tons of cocaineSpanish police seized almost nine tons of cocaine -  Spanish police seized almost nine tons of cocaine that have worth more than nine billion euros.

As quoted from Yaci News on April 28 2018, this is the largest narcotics shipments that seized in a cargo container.

Police said that cocaine was hidden in cargo with bananas, which arrived at the port of Algeciras from Colombia.

According to Interior Minister of Spanish, Juan Ignacio Soid said six suspects were arrested ie four in Spain while two person in Lyons, France.

"This operations show how very well of law enforcement agencies work, and the fight against drug crime become our priority," he said.

In January, police in Spain and Portugal confiscated approximately 745 kilograms of cocaine, which was hidden in a pineapple, and found a laboratory where various impurities were added to the drug.

This operation is part of an investigation that undertaken by joint states since April 2017.

Earlier in December 2017, police arrested at least 11 people and seized until 960 kilograms of cocaine in the Spanish city of Malaga. And to hide the drugs, smugglers used pineapple.

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the main places where medicines are imported into Europe. 

The drugs were delivered directly from South American countries, through North and West Africa.


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