Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The secret breakfast of celebrities that can help you lose weight in no time


Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson -  For most women, the ideal body is a thin and slim body. No wonder,  if many people are willing to do anything to lose their weight.

But in fact, a skinny body not always looks attractive. Because, some people even look creepy and worried because their body is considered malnourished. Because to looks pretty does not mean to have a skinny body.  

But, not only for ordinary woman who want to get slim body, did you know, some Hollywood and Bollywood stars were also experiencing it. Instead of looking sexy, the public felt worried about their health condition.

But don't worry, if  you want looks more slim, there is a way to get it. You don't neet to undergo an extreme diet, but only with egg white omelletes.

Egg white omelletes are Bollywood’s favourite breakfast. Many actress from Bollywood, such as Alia Bhatt to Siddharth Malhotra, trying this healthy breakfast option.

So, what is it that makes eggs without yolks so special? 

As per experts, egg white omelettes bring with it the added benefit of lesser calories. Research also states that egg white omelette is useful for those struggling with high blood pressure.  Major amount of protein is found in the white, and  cholesterol in the yolk. So by eliminated the yolk, there is no big loss of protein.

The white of an egg also contains vitamins like A, B-12, D, potassium and sodium. 

One major issue with yolks most have people is the cholesterol level it has. Excess cholesterol can lead to blocked arteries, a precondition for heart attack. If you eat an egg white omelette, even once or twice a week, it can help you to mantain your cholesterol.

And this a recipe to makes healthy egg white omelette and also can to help you to get slim body.

It just using a little bit oil and more colourful veggies like carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, yellow and red bell peppers. 





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