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Six secrets about Cherry Blossom or Sakura, that you must knows


SakuraSakura -  Cherry blossom, or “Sakura” in Japanese, is a flower that is identified with Japan as its national flower. The flower will bloom very beautifully during spring time in Japan. If you are a fan of this pink flower, there are some facts about cherry blossom that you may like to know.

1.       Cherry blossom is part of rose family, Rosaceae

Have you ever look at cherry blossom and think that at a glance, it looks similar to a rose? That is right, because this flower is actually part of the subfamily of Rosaceae.

2.       There is a special name for when all the petals fall to the ground

People in Japan usually call the cherry blossom whose petals have all fallen to the ground as “hazakura”. Hazakura is the name to call cherry blossoms that have bloomed and fell. The only thing left is ne buds.

3.       There are more than 600 kinds of cherry blossom in Japan

Cherry blossom is known to be able to mutate regularly. There are more than 600 kinds of cherry blossom in Japan including the endemic species and hybrids. The difference among the kinds can be seen from the color or the size of the flower.

4.       The oldest cherry blossom tree in Japan is 2000 years old

The oldest cherry blossom tree, aged around 2000, is located in Jissou Shrine, more precisely, in Yamanashi Prefecture. It even becomes one of Japan’s natural monuments.

5.       The leaves and petals can be eaten

After being processed with salt, the petals and the leaves of a cherry blossom can be consumed or used as food ingredients. The ingredients processed for cherry blossom is called “Sakurazuke”. It is used as ingredients for mochi or bread.

6.       Can be made into a drink

Cherry blossom petals that have been processed with salt can be poured with hot water and can be drank. It is called “Sakurayu”. Sakurayu is often served in formal events such as weddings.




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